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"It's a great pleasure to be a Seafish Ambassador.  I have had a passion for seafood for many years and this gives me the opportunity to meet many people and showcase all things fishy"

As a team of seafood chefs, we have been bought together for our complimentary culinary styles, as well as our innovation and commitment to showcasing the very best dishes that can be cooked with easy to prepare seafood produce

Buying sustainably

With issues such as illegal fishing and the depletion of fish stocks making the news on a regular basis these days, buying sustainable seafood is a high priority for modern consumers.

Luckily, supermarkets and fishmongers across the UK have made sure that there's plenty of sustainable seafood on the market, as long as consumers know where to look for it. We've assembled some of the best tips and tools to help you make the best decisions when it comes to buying sustainable seafood.

To read more about buying sustainably, visit the website 

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UK Chef Ambassador

About Seafish

Seafish is a non-departmental public body (NDPB), set up by the Fisheries Act 1981, and is funded by a levy on the first sale of seafood in the UK. We cover the seafood industry from catch to plate providing facts, stats, research, a range of business and industry support tools and have a big focus on promoting seafood to consumers.

Our vision is for a UK seafood industry that is truly thriving and we believe seafood is the way forward for business, communities, sustainability and for personal health and wellbeing.

To see more about our work visit our website: 

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