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What do I actually do and how can I help you?

Formally the owner of multi award winning restaurant Green's of Whitby for 15 years and in that time winning the coveted Seafood Chef of the Year in 2009

It's now time to open up and share my extensive culinary repertoire.

I have been in the restaurant trade most of my working life and after moving to the seaside town of Whitby 28 years ago I haven't looked back!

With an array of top-quality produce so readily available it's a chef's dream to be located in such an area.From the fabulous fresh fish landed at the  local markets, to the prime local meats sourced  from neighbouring farms all makes for rich picking of  the country's finest produce.

Services available

  • National & Regional Events

  • Competition Judging

  • Lectures & Demonstrations

  • School & College Visits

  • Recipe Creation

  • Menu Development

  • Staff development & Training 

Take a look at the short video below to see how I can help you and your business

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