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Preparing and dressing lobsters at home

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It can look like a daunting task, tackling a boiled lobster at home but with in a few easy steps and a little practice you'll be dressing lobsters like a pro and saving money at the same time.

No specialist equipment needed

All you need is a heavy cooks knife, a teaspoon, chopping board and a couple of bowls for the meat and shells. Take a look at my 'How to" video below

Step by step video

Chefs Tip

Ask your Fishmonger/Fisherman if he has any 'crippled' or 'one wing' lobsters. There is nothing wrong with these lobsters except they will be missing a claw, or one of the claws will be really small. These are difficult to sell to restaurants, hence the price will be a lot cheaper.

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